Ismailia officer jailed hrs after release in manslaughter case
Afifi Hosni and alleged officer inside Ismailia pharmacy - still image from CCTV vide on Facebook

CAIRO: An officer was ordered jailed hours after being released Thursday after “new evidence” emerged in the case of the death of a vet at a police station in Ismailia, Youm7 reported.

The prosecution faced Lieutenant Mohamed Ibrahim with the Forensic Medicine report that “proves” late vet Afifi Hosni’s cardiac muscle was pressured, expediting his death.

Prosecution witnesses supported the report by testifying that Ibrahim mistreated Afifi, as shows in a CCTV video from a pharmacy that the policeman had raided Nov. 29 without a permit.

Ibrahim has been ordered jailed for four days pending investigations; he had been jailed since late November.  He faces charges of raiding the pharmacy without a prosecution warrant.

Afifi’s widow, the Pharmacists’ Syndicate and the Veterinarians Syndicate all claim that Afifi was further abused inside Ismailia First Police Station, ultimately leading his passing away.

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