Photojournalist stabbed by unknown men at Cairo metro
Photojournalist Ahmed Gamal Ziada on a bed at a hospital after being stabbed by unknown men Dec.25, 2015- Courtesy of Freedom for Shawkan Facebook page

CAIRO: Photojournalist Ahmed Gamal Ziada has been hospitalized after two unknown men stabbed him on his way home late Friday, according to a Facebook post on the Freedom for Shawkan page.

Ziada was on a pedestrian bridge near Cairo University Metro Station at around 11 p.m., when two men attacked him; one of them was carrying a rifle and the other had a pen knife.

According to the post, Ziada tried to stop the first man who pointed the rifle at his face to move it away, but received multiple stabs from the other man.

He is currently suffering injuries in his back, left thigh and his right hand. “The stab on his back was too deep and close to his heart,” said the post.

The two men are not identified, but Ziada believes the attack “was an assassination attempt not a theft” as he was quoted saying that his belongings; a cell phone and a wallet, are still there with him and “none of them tried to steal anything,” added the post.

The place where Ziada was attacked is around 50 meters away from the security personnel at the metro, his brother Mohamed told The Cairo Post Saturday. Mohamed said that Ziada’s condition is stable.

He added that a police report with details of what happened to his brother has been filed.

Ziada, a photojournalist working for Yaqeen Network, has been acquitted in April from charges of partaking in 2013 violent protests at Al-Azhar University, which he was assigned to cover. Ziada has spent more than 450 days in prison pending the case, during which he went on hunger strike against his “unlawful detention.”

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