Egypt in talks with Russia to import meat, poultry
Price of meat reduced at state-owned consumer complexes

CAIRO:  Egypt is in talks with Russia to import meat and poultry due to the shortage of meat production in Egypt, said official from General Organization of Veterinary Service (GOVS) of the Egyptian Ministry of Agriculture Saturday.

GOVS Veterinary quarantine head Sayyed Gad-Al-Mawla told Youm7 Egypt is carrying out talks with Russia to allocate Russian-based slaughterhouses to export meat and poultry to Egypt.

Egypt imports 250,000 tons of frozen meat annually to meet the Egyptian market demands, head of Egyptian General Division for importers Hamdy al-Nagar was quoted by Akhbar Misr on Dec. 5, noting that it is expected that the imports rate would decrease due to the increase of U.S. dollar value against the Egyptian pound.

Gad-Al-Mawla also stated that Egypt considers increasing its dairy production exports to Russia as new six Egyptian companies to be registered and allocated to export diary production to Moscow. He added that there are already seven companies exporting dairy products to Moscow.

Russia is the biggest wheat exporter to Egypt, while Egypt is one of the biggest exporters of other agriculture products, especially after the EU agreed July 29, 2014 to impose economic sanctions on Russia for its role in the Ukraine conflict. In a retaliatory step, Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered Aug. 7 a ban on agricultural imports from the EU, France 24 reported.

In August 2014, Russian Agriculture Minister Nikolai Fyodorov told reporters in Sochi, according to Reuters, that Egyptian shipments of potatoes, onions, garlic and oranges should increase. He added this could help compensate a potential shortage of these products following the sanctions.

In a press conference held Feb. 10 with Egyptian President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi, Putin said that trade between the two nations has increased by 80 percent during the past few years, due to robust trade in agricultural and petroleum products.

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