Sisi meets with Yazidi girl raped by IS militants in Iraq
President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi met Saturday with Iraqi Nadia Murad - Photo courtesy of presidential office

CAIRO: President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi met Saturday with Iraqi Nadia Murad, who was raped by Islamic State militants, said Egyptian Presidential spokesperson Alaa Youssef in a statement.

“The Iraqi citizen reviewed- during the meeting- the brutal attacks on her by Daesh (Islamic States militants) in northern Iraq Sinjar area,” Youssef said, adding she clarified that “those people are justifying their terror acts in the name of Islam.”

Sisi expressed his strong condemnation of Daesh terrorist acts which are unrelated to Islam, noting that Egypt is supporting Iraqi people against terrorism.

Murad asked Sisi to meet with al-Azhar clergymen to give “more clarification on the crimes that committed in the name of the Islam,” the spokesperson said.

In interview with Youm7 published on Dec. 21, Murad asked for a meeting with Sisi, adding that Daesh militants work through a big organization with well-organized funding and armament and most people they recruited are European youth.

Murad is one of Yazidi girls who were trapped by IS militants when they controlled over Sinjar city in August 2014.

She added that IS militants raped thousands of Yazidi girls and children.

At United Nation Security Council, Murad gave a speech calling for wiping off the Islamic state militants; she noted that she was one of thousands of Yazidi women and children who “were exchanged by militants as gifts,” Reuters reported Dec. 17

Additional reporting by Ahmed Gomaa.

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