Ismailia officer charged with beating a vet to death inside police station
Afifi Hosni and alleged officer inside Ismailia pharmacy - still image from CCTV vide on Facebook

CAIRO: First Lieutenant Mohamed Ibrahim was referred Sunday to a criminal court over charges of beating a veterinarian  to death in the Ismailia police station, Youm7 reported.

A few hours after being released, Ibrahim was re-jailed Thursday when Afifi Hosni’s widow provided new evidence to the prosecution.

Prosecution witnesses supported the report by testifying that Ibrahim had mistreated Afifi, as shows in a CCTV video from the pharmacy that the policeman  raided Nov. 29 without a permit.

Afifi’s widow, the Pharmacists’ Syndicate and the Veterinarians Syndicate all claim that Afifi was further beaten inside Ismailia First Police Station, ultimately leading his death.

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