Young man killed by police sergeant over traffic dispute
Khaled Hossam

CAIRO: A 24-year old young man was fatally shot in the head Sunday by a police sergeant after a traffic dispute in Ebshan Village in Delta’s Kafr el-Sheikh governorate, Youm7 reported.

As investigations into the incident kicked off, two narratives surfaced for the shooting that killed Khaled Hossam, owner of an ice cream factory, by the policeman El-Sayed A., 39.

The first narration was supported by Mohamed, Hossam’s brother, who said that altercations occurred between him and the policeman their two cars knocked mirrors in a traffic jam.

The policeman shot fire at Mohamed, but he lowered his head, and the bullet injured his Hossam’s head instead, and he died at once.

The other narration suggests that after the friction, Mohamed drove his car and refused to stop, prompting the policeman to shoot at the car and accidently injuring Hossam’s head.

The same narration continues that the policeman took Hossam to the hospital, but he died on arrival. The sergeant then turned himself to a police station.

Recently, some cases of abuses, which led to the death of detainees, have sent assaulting officers to trial.

In Dec.12, two national security officers accused of beating Hamdy to death at Matariya police station, were sentenced to five years in prison.

In Upper Egypt’s Luxor, five policemen involved in the death of an inmate were detained pending investigations in Dec.5, after large protests by his relatives.

Violence by police officers against citizens at detention places have been widely reported by human rights groups; however, statements by Interior Ministry repeatedly ruled out accusations of “systematic torture,” and instead described it as “individual violations” that will be dealt with firmly.

In November alone, nine died out of at least 49 cases of torture in custody in Egypt, theNadeem Center documented via media reports, noting wide violations taking place at the maximum security Scorpion Prison, where inmates are reportedly denied treatment, visits and winter clothes.

Additional reporting by Nourhan Magdi

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