Former ISIS slave, Yazidi Nadia Murad granted scholarship to Egyptian University
Former ISIS captive Nadia Murad during her visit to YOUM7 HQ

CAIRO: Former ISIS captive Nadia Murad was granted a scholarship to study history at Ain Shams University in Cairo, Youm7 quoted head of the university Hossam Essa.

Essa, who met with Murad Sunday, added that he would provide her with all needed scientific support as she wants to be a history teacher.

After meeting with President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi Saturday, Murad who recently arrived in Cairo met with Azhar scholars and university professors and heads.

She conducted interviews with Egyptian media in which she relayed the experience of her 3-month captivity, after being forced to become a sex slave by the militant group.

“Nadia Murad is today a symbol of Arab steadfastness against terrorist organizations that work on dismantling Arab states,” Essa said.

Minister of Scientific Research Asharf el-Sheihy said during his meeting with Murad that “ISIS does not declare itself when recruiting people, it penetrates them under the name of religion,” he added that “Egypt is fighting terrorism that seeks penetrating the country.”

“I chose to come to Egypt and meet with President [Sisi] because we know that he is against terrorism… I asked him to protect us” Murat said during her interview with Youm7.

She talked about her meeting with Sisi, whom she said “gave her hope” that ISIS can be defeated. The president welcomed her to come and bring her family to live in Egypt, an offer that she was thankful for; however, her plans is to return back to live in her home country in Mosul.

And about the message she wants to send through Azhar Institute, Murad said that the world should known that “ISIS does not represent the Islamic religion.”

Additional reporting by Nourhan Magdi, Samar Samir and Ismail Refaat.

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