Update: Sentence of 5ys in jail against T.V. anchorman commuted to 1 year
T.V. anchorman Islam al-Beheiry

CAIRO: A South Cairo Misdemeanor Court commuted Tuesday a 5-year prison sentence against T.V. anchorman Islam al-Beheiry to one year in prison over charges of defaming religions, Youm7 reported.

On May 13, Beheiry received the sentence of five-year imprisonment after a citizen named Mohamed Abdel Salam El-Asran has filed a lawsuit based on penal codes articles that criminalize defamation of religion.

Beheiry’s lawyer Saaed al-Gamil told Youm that he would appeal  the one-year sentence, saying that Beheiry has been previously acquitted of another charge of blasphemy.

On June 25, Beheiry was acquitted of defamation of religion charges filed by a lawyer; in May, another lawsuit, which was filed by al-Azhar against Beheiry was rejected by the State Lawsuit Authority for lack of jurisdiction.

Beheiry hosted “With Islam,” a daily show on private TV channel Al Kahera Wal Nas, providing his interpretation of Islam. His opinions stirred controversy for questioning the credibility of the sources of the Hadith, (Prophet Muhammad’s sayings;) the second basic reference for Islamic teachings after the Quran.

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