Not enough staff to digitize Egyptian books: Bibliotheca Alexandria
Head of the Jewish Community in Egypt Magda Haroun stands at the door of the library of Cairo-based Shaar Hashamayim synagogue- photo taken on May 15, 2014- YOUM7 Sami Wahib

CAIRO:  The qualified staff who can digitizing books in Bibliotheca Alexandria (BA) and in the national house of archive and books are not enough to create records of all of Egypt’s libraries nationwide, Khaled Azab, Director of the BA Projects Section,
told The Cairo Post Tuesday.

“Digitization in a big world and no country worldwide has finished digitizing all books,” he added, noting that there are closed meetings among the BA, Egyptian Ministry of Culture and Egyptian National Library and Archives (ENLA) to launch a new project.

“We are still in closed meetings phase and when the project idea will be crystalized, it will be known to the public,” he added.

Commenting on whether this project will include neglected Jewish historical books of libraries in Jewish synagogues, Azab said all Egyptian books will be included in this project that connects all libraries with each other.

Head of the Jewish Community in Egypt has previoulsy expressed her concerns of Head of Jewish Community of Egypt Magda Haroun has previously expressed her concerns over neglecting the library’s archeological and old books and rolls without digitizing and documentation.

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