Transport Minister denies metro ticket price rise
Cairo metro - YOUM7

CAIRO: The Minister of Transport denied media reports of an expected rise to the price of the metro third line tickets to 3 EGP over the current cost of 1 EGP, MENA reported Tuesday.

News about the price rise has sparked controversy on social media, with some users condemned the step while others supported it amid ministry statements on deficits burdening the metro sector.

The ticket rise has been negotiated before and the ministry reached that the decision will be left for the coming parliament for consideration, according to the ministry spokesperson Ahmed Ibrahim in a Tuesday release, who urged media to “maintain accuracy” in publishing news about the sector.

Statements by Transport Minister Saad el-Geoushy, which were “inaccurately quoted” according to the release, meant to say that prices “could be changed beginning with the third line and in accordance with the operation cost,” Ibrahim said.

The length of the third line, which is still under construction, stretches 48 km from Salam City and airport, passing through Heliopolis, Abbasiya, Ataba, Maspero, Zamalek, Kit Kat, Mohandiseen and ending in Cairo University and Ring Road.

Geoushy previously discussed deficits facing the metro, saying that on one hand, there are debts amounting to $2.6 billion, worsened by a high rate of fare-jumpers.

The metro is the cheapest and fastest means of transport used by millions of travelers each day, skipping road traffic congestion.  Its low price, according to Geoushy, has not been changed since 2007, something he referred to as “adding to the metro deficit.”

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