Coptic church warns against wine at wedding parties
The Virgin Church in Cairo - REUTERS/Mohamed Abd El-Ghany

CAIRO: The practices of the “henna night,” a traditional party held at a bride or groom’s home in the days before a marriage, are not compatible with the sanctity of the institution of marriage, St. Demetrius bishop of Malwa, Ansena and Ashmunein stated in an speech obtained by Youm7.

The bishop said that he had fielded complaints from the congregation about “excesses” at wedding ceremonies  not befitting the importance of the occasion, such as drinking, drugs, and dancing. He threatened sanction against those found to engage in such activities, including possibly refusing to officiant the marriage ceremony.

Christian and Muslim marriages are governed by the respective religious laws; Muslims can marry by contract of mutual consent, but Christians are required to go through a church officiant to obtain a marriage certificate.

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