Al-Azhar Observatory calls on Coptic Church to ‘guide’ anti-Islam channel
Al-Hayat Channel

CAIRO: Al-Azhar Observatory has called on the Coptic Church to “guide” some Coptic TV channels on the NileSat that “give rise to hatred and resentment, threaten the security of the society and broadcast extremist ideas.”

In a Thursday statement, the Observatory named one channel, Al-Hayat TV, saying it broadcasts talk shows that attack Islam “based on no evidence or scientific approach.”

“While it is easy for Al-Azhar to respond to all the suspicions and falsehoods raised by this channel, Al-Azhar does not wish to engage in a fruitless debate that would fuel sedition, feed hatred and threaten social peace and fabric,” said the Observatory, founded in 2014 to monitor extremist outlets and refute radical ideology.

As “patriotic” as it is, the Coptic Church does not condone what Al-Hayat Channel broadcasts, the Observatory added.

Spokesperson of the Coptic Church Boules Halim told Youm7 that the church has no responsibility or authority over Al-Hayat TV, as it is privately-owned.

Only six channels on the NileSat are affiliated with the Church, Halim said, adding that the Church rejects media outlets that spread violence and sectarianism.

Al-Hayat, which broadcasts in Arabic, mostly tackles topics that criticize the Islamic religion, Prophet Mohamed and Muslims; it also interviews people who claim to be ex Muslims.

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