Egypt’s Sinai sees frost Monday; records 4°C at night
Cold Weather

CAIRO: Chilly weather that amounts to frost in Upper Egypt and Central Sinai is looming over Egypt Monday, announced Egypt’s Meteorological Authority (EMA.)

Sinai’s Saint Catherine will see 11°C during the day and 4°C at night. In Upper Egypt’s Aswan and Luxor, temperature degrees at night are expected to plummet to 6°C and 5°C, respectively.

Poor visibility due to heavy morning mist will be witnessed in Lower Egypt, Cairo and Suez cities.

With a slight improvement, Cairo will see 10°C at night, after it recorded 8°C  on Sunday and 9°C  on Saturday.

The low temperature is accompanied in some parts, especially Mediterranean cities in northern Egypt, with heavy showers and high speed winds.

Additional reporting by Mohamed Mahsoub.

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