Entissar’s verdict scheduled for Jan. 24 over ‘inciting debauchery’
Actress Entissar - Youm7 Archive

CAIRO: Actress Entissar’s verdict will be pronounced in a Jan. 24 hearing in a lawsuit accusing her of “inciting debauchery,” Youm7 reported Sunday.

The lawsuit, filed by private lawyer Hany Gad, relies on the Penal Code’s Article 269 criminalizing “spreading immorality and debauchery in the society.”

Rejecting demands to ban pornographic websites in Egypt, Entissar said in an October episode of Nafsana show on al-Kaher wal Nas channel that porn teaches sex to people who get married without any prior sexual experience.

She defended people’s freedom to watch porn; she said it helps people learn about sex and to “stay cool” until they get married.

Her views stirred controversy, with claims that she encourages people to watch porn, but her lawyer said in a previous hearing that the discussion in the show was “as regular as every other talk show in Egypt,” Youm7 reported.

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