Minya to mark anniversary of Copts beheaded in Libya Feb 16
Copts beheaded in Libya - Sapshot from Youtube video

CAIRO: Upper Egypt’s Minya governorate will mark the first anniversary of the killing of 20 Copts of its residents in Libya with a mass and sermons on Feb.16, Youm7 reported Sunday.

Priests and bishops from Saint Mark Episcopate are expected to participate in the services, which will be held at the Diocese of Samalout, the homeland of most of the victims.

The 20 Egyptians had been held as hostages by the branch of the Islamic State (IS) group in Libya for weeks before they were beheaded.

In a retaliatory move, the Egyptian army launched airstrikes in Libya, claiming the lives of dozens of the group militants, according to officials’ accounts at that time.

Since then, the Egyptian government has facilitated its nationals in Libya to return to their homeland.

As announced in September, the number of Egyptians who have fled Libya via Sallum land border exceeded 80,000. The border is still curbing daily attempts by Egyptians and foreigners to illegally travel to the turbulent North African country in search of work.

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