Soldier, civilian injured, 29 ‘takfiris’ killed in Sinai as operations resume
Photo showes group of terrorists killed by Efyptian army in sinai after deadly attack on wednesday in Sinai - YOUM7

CAIRO: A soldier and a civilian were injured in Arish Monday after an explosive device detonated near their vehicle, hours after the military announced 29 “takfiris” had been killed in Sinai in air covered military and police raids.

A number of stores and two cars in al-Geish Street were damaged after the explosion, MENA reported.

Meanwhile, the raids come as part of the second major phase of the Right of the Martyr operation, according to a Monday military statement.

Four suspects were arrested and two cars, three motorcycles that belong to militants and 550 kilograms of drugs were destroyed in the campaign; six sacks of explosive ammonium nitrate and two guns were also seized.

The second major phase of the operation began Saturday, where 26 “terrorist elements were killed and five suspects were arrested, according to a Sunday military statement.

The raids were carried out by the Second Field Army, the Third Field Army and the police in around Arish, Sheikh Zuwayed, Rafah and Central Sinai.

The military announced Sept. 22 that it had finalized the first phase of the Right of the Martyr operation over 16 days, killing 535 “terrorists,” arresting 634 wanted persons, dismantling 478 bombs, and destroying 613 “terrorist hubs,” 111 armed vehicles, 250 motorcycles and 38 explosive storehouses.

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