2015 parliament election “most impartial in Egypt’s history”: HEC spox
Egyptian man cast his ballot in Parliamentry election in Egypt - YOUM7

CAIRO: The recent parliament poll, carried out in late 2015, is “the most impartial elections in Egypt’s history,” High Elections Committee (HEC) spokesperson Omar Marwan stated Saturday.

Speaking at a press conference held at the Cairo-based State Information Service (SIS) headquarters, Marawan said “The impartiality of the recent parliament election has been approved by the whole world.”

The average age of the parliament members is estimated at 50 years, while 80 percent of the members hold university degree, said Marawan.

A total of 43 percent of the members were elected through parties, Marawan said, adding that 19 parties are represented in the parliament which is schedule to hold its first session Sunday morning.

Egypt’s House of Representatives comprises of 596 members, with 448 elected as independents, 120 through the winner-take-all party lists system, with 28 seats to be appointed by the president.

This will be the first time the country’s legislators have convened in more than two years. The previous parliament was dissolved in July 2013 following the ouster of former President Mohammed Morsi.

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