7-storey building collapses, leaves 3 killed in Sharqia
A residential building collapse - YOUM7

CAIRO: A seven-story building collapsed Monday in Minya el-Kamh city in Delta’s Sharqia governorate, killing three including a 10-year old boy, Youm7 reported.


Emergency state at city hospitals was raised to receive five injured recovered from debris. Injuries varied between wounds, post-concussion, scars and bruises.


Rescue works has been in full swing for over 14 hours, as security sources were quoted as saying that some eight residents are still trapped under the collapsed building, according to Youm7.

A video of a young girl being rescued from the rubble with blood covering her forehead appeared on Dream TV. Eyewitnesses reportedly heard voices and cries for help in the rubble.

Screenshot: Survived young girl recovered from debris of collapsed building in Sharqia

Screenshot: Survived young girl recovered from debris of collapsed building in Sharqia

Screenshot: Survived young girl recovered from debris of collapsed building in Sharqia

A prosecution team has been tasked to open a probe into the accident, as two scenarios surfaced as reasons for the building collapse.

The first one narrated by a source at the municipality council of Minya el-Kamh city, saying that digging works in an area adjacent to the ill-fated building was the reason.


While for the second one, the owner of the digging area Magdy Skeina said that overloading was behind the collapse after two-storey construction were carried out to the building two weeks ago, which caused overloading.

In Dec.22, 2015, a boy was killed and his father was injured in a partial building collapse in Aswan, south of Egypt. In Dec.21, a policeman, 37, was killed after a three-floor building collapsed while he was coincidentally crossing in front of it in Asyut, Upper Egypt.


Building collapses usually occur in Egypt, with reasons indicating construction violations largely exist.

According to a survey conducted in 2014 by the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights (EIPR,) the “rampant violations” of building laws, lack of government oversight, corruption, poor maintenance and failing to follow global construction standards are among the reasons behind the recurrent building collapse phenomenon in Egypt.

Between July 2012 and June 2013, 392 residential buildings collapsed, resulting in 192 deaths, according to the EIPR survey.





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