NCHR to file complaint against Ministry of Interior over prison inspection limits
Egyptian interior minister Magdy abdel el-ghaffar - YOUM7

CAIRO: Egyptian National Council for Human Rights (NCHR) will file a complaint against the Ministry of Interior over banning the council delegation to carry out full inspection at a maximum-security prison of the Scorpion in Torah Prison Complex in south Cairo, said NCHR member Kamal Abbas Wednesday evening.

The Prison Sector of the Ministry of Interior prevented the NCHR delegation to carry out a complete inspection to the prison in south Cairo in early January, Abbas told Youm7, noting that the six-member delegation could not be updated on the conditions of a number of inmates.

Abbas continued that the complaint include the ministry’s dealing with the delegation, adding that the delegation members were notified that some inmates, who the council had requested to meet, had rejected the request although the inmates’ relatives stated the opposite.

“The Prison Sector did not tell the inmates at all that a delegation from the National for Human Rights wanted to meet with them,” Abbas said.

The NCHR requested Dec. 19, 2015 to pay a visit to the prison to inspect complaints about the facility’s continuing poor conditions, including short family visits, a ban on sending blankets and winter clothes to the prisoners, and a lack of medical care for the patients with chronic diseases.

After the two-hours visit, the council issued a report on Jan. 5 saying that all inmates receive “full and complete” required care.

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