Pic: Another mass fish death in Beheira; minister accused of Nile pollution
Pic: Another mass fish death in Beheira; minister accused of Nile pollution

CAIRO: A state of panic prevailed among residents of Beheira’s town of Mahmoudiya after dozens of fish were found floating dead along the Mahmoudiya canal which receive water from the Nile Rosetta branch, according to Youm7.

The reason for the mass death this time has not yet been disclosed. A committee of various experts has taken charge of investigating the incident and collecting the dead fish to prevent it from reaching the markets.

Samples of the water will be tested to make sure it is safe for human consumption.


A police report was filed against Minister of Irrigation Hossam Moghazy, accusing him of polluting Nile water in Mahmoudiya village and Rosetta branch after removing violating fish cages on the river banks without collecting the dead fish, Dot Masr news website reported Saturday.

Previous mass fish death incidents took place due to water contamination from factories, and water mixed with sewage.


On Jan.7, a similar incident occurred in Delta’s Kafr el-Sheikh governorate due to ammonia poisoning.

At least two incidents took place in the Nile branch city of Rosetta last year over similar circumstances.


One of them was in June, where officials reported that ammonia poisoning and lack of oxygen   in the water was the cause behind fish suffocation due to hot weather.



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