4 young men face trial over arson attack on Giza restaurant

CAIRO: Four men will face trial over carrying out an arson attack on a Giza restaurant in December 2015, which caused the death of 17 workers of smoke inhalation, Youm7 reported Saturday.

The assailants were arrested, remained in custody pending investigations before they were referred to criminal court Saturday.

The incident took place last year, when four young men (aged between 19-20 yrs) were denied entry to “El-Sayyad” restaurant, and thus, vented their anger by throwing Molotov cocktail on the place’s door putting it on flames.

The restaurant, mostly made of wood, was set ablaze and clouds of smoke trapped the victims inside, with no windows and only one door that caught fire.


Attempts to reach the victims and rescue them failed, leaving all the employees to their fated death. The incident has raised questions regarding licensing and monitoring of safety enforcement at such facilities.

El-Sayyad, closed since the accident, is licensed as a tourist restaurant and a bar.

There are differences between licensing a tourist restaurant, a bar and a nightclub; for example, a nightclub is usually large in size and includes shows and performances, like: bands and dancers, while the other two do not.

The three can serve alcohol by acquiring liquor license.   122015485738550حريق-،-ملهى-ليلى-،-العجوزة-3-300x168

Additional reporting by Nourhan Magdi

Please view the below link for a detailed report on the incident.


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