Suez, Alexandria ports closed due to bad weather
Bad weather hits Egypt

CAIRO: A number of ports closed Monday morning due to a sandstorm blowing across the country, affecting navigational activities, Youm7 reported.

The Red Sea Ports’ Authority announced the closure of three ports in Suez: Adabiya, Port Tawfiq and El-Zayteyat. Winds reaching 30 knots have whipped up high waves ranging between 3-4 meters.

The Alexandria Port Authority has closed the channels leading to Alexandria and Dakhalia ports.

Egypt’s Meteorological Authority (EMA) has warned citizens of a wave of bad weather that peaks on Monday combined with a drop in temperature, recording 8 °C in Cairo at night.

Expected to last until Wednesday, EMA has advised persons with seasonal allergies to stay home amid the sandstorm. It also warned of poor visibility on desert highways.

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