Cairo Court upholds professor niqab ban
Niqabi women outside Cairo Univerity (Youm7 Archive)

CAIRO: An Administrative Court upheld Tuesday an academic decision a ban on female lecturers from wearing niqab (a full-face viel covering all but the eyes), Youm7 reported.

Cairo University President Gaber Nassar has banned its academic staff from wearing niqab; the decision, which was put into effect on Sept. 29, came “in order to facilitate communication with students and to provide an appropriate educational process.”

The court has yet issue the reasons behind upholding the decision.

A total of 80 niqabi academic lecturers sued Nassar over his decision Saturday; their lawyer  Ahmed Mahran told Aswat Masryia in October 2015 that there are a number of niqabi professors who took off the niqab in class.

However on Nov. 16,2015, the same court set aside a Tanta University’s challenge against the ruling allowing female students to take exams with their niqab, but obliged students, to reveal their faces for identification purposes.

In 2001, the Cairo Administrative Court cancelled a decision of the American University in Cairo (AUC) to ban al-Azhar teaching assistant Eman al-Zeiny, a niqabi, from entering the campus, al-Arabia net reported. In 2007, a court of appeal upheld the ruling, saying that while niqab is religiously allowed, a niqabi woman should reveal her face when necessary.

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