Suez Canal security forces seize ‘forged’ copies of Egypt’s map
Suez Canal

CAIRO: Security forces of the Suez Canal Port seized Tuesday “forged” Egyptian maps coming from China, Youm7 reported.

The security forces inspected three containers of the company’s cargo and found a box containing copies of maps in which disputed border triangle of Halaib and Shalateen was placed within the Sudanese territory.

Egypt and Sudan are at odds over the border region, with each side claiming sovereignty; the border dispute is due to conflicting maps drawn by British occupation forces; one in 1899 indicates that the triangle falls within Egyptian territory and the second in 1902 shows the area inside Sudanese borders, Minya University Nubian history professor Fathy Khourshid previously told The Cairo Post.

The Halayeb Triangle is a 20-km2 enclave on the Red Sea coast, inhabited by tribes from both Egypt and Sudan who have traditionally lived there before the demarcation of borders. Since the Sudanese independence in 1956, Egypt and Sudan have been locked in a border dispute over the area.

Residents of the triangle participated in Egypt’s 2015 parliamentary elections.

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