UNHCR discusses emmigration at Sudanese consulate in Alexandria

CAIRO: A delegation from the United Nations Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) met with Sudanese Deputy Consul in Alexandria Mohamed Hamad Monday, Youm7 reported.

The delegation of the UNHCR’s Filed Office discussed illegal immigration to Europe through the Mediterranean, as the Sudanese consulate in Alexandria has been handling the case of Sudanese migrants who attempt to travel to Europe from Egyptian shores.

Egypt has deported hundreds of Sudanese over illegal immigration attempts to Europe, Israel and Libya. A total of 22,026 people of different nationalities were arrested over illegal immigration attempts in December, according to military spokesperson Mohamed Samir.

Most recently, 24 Sudanese were deported home from Cairo Airport Jan. 11 over illegal residency and immigration attempts to Libya.

Earlier in January North Sinai security agencies began investigating 16 Sudanese suspected of attempting to illegally enter Israel, Youm7 reported.

They were arrested in southern Rafah, where non-Egyptians are banned.

Secretary of the Sudanese foreign ministry Abdel Ghani al Naeem met Nov. 25 with Egyptian Ambassador to Sudan Osama Shaltout to discuss forming a joint committee to solve pending issues between the two countries, mostly relating to Sudanese detained in Egypt.

On Nov. 23, Egyptian border forces shot dead five Sudanese migrants trying t ocross from Sinai into Israel. On Nov. 15, Egyptian police found the bodies of 15 African migrants who appeared to have been shot dead in the same area.

In June 2015, the Central Security Forces in North Sinai thwarted an illegal immigration attempt into Israel by 26 people who held African nationalities through shared borders in Sinai, state-owned Middle East News Agency reported.

Around 17 Sudanese nationals were referred to military prosecution in July 2015 over attempted illegal immigration to Israel.

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