21 Egyptians, 8 Syrians, 2 Sudanese arrested over illegal immigration
Egyptian security forces - AP/Ahmed Gomaa

AIRO: A total of 21 Egyptians, eight Syrians and two Sudanese were arrested along the western and southern borders of Egypt Friday, Youm7 reported.

In Sallum on the western borders shared with Libya, 18 Egyptians and two Sudanese were arrested in an illegal immigration attempt into the western neighbor.

Along the southern borders, three Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood members were arrested before infiltrating into Sudan, according to Youm7.

Further, eight Syrians were detained after entering Egypt through the Red Sea in the south, Youm7 reported.

A total of 22,026 people of different nationalities were arrested over illegal immigration attempts in December, according to military spokesperson Mohamed Samir.

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