Egypt’s Interpol arrests fugitive wanted by Jordan police
Egyptian security forces

CAIRO: Egyptian Interpol and Jordanian security forces have arrested an unidentified wanted man, holder of an African nationality, Jordanian Public Security Directorate announced Sunday.

Jordanian authorities reported that two persons, the African man and a woman with Arab nationality, are fugitives from justice as they are accused of stealing $100,000 from a Jordanian citizen. Following initial investigations and inquiries, it was confirmed that they fugitives headed to Egypt where the man was arrested at an airport, the statement added. However, the woman is still at large.

After being investigated by the Egyptian Interpol, the man confessed that there was a third Jordanian man who facilitated stealing the money; the Jordanian authorities have been notified of the name of third suspect.

Jordanian Security Directorate has sent a security delegation to deport the arrested man and return the stolen funds.

In June 2015, Jordanian Security forces deported a suspect to Egypt after being arrested in Jordan over accusations of murder, The Jordanian Times reported.

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