Debauchery case dropped against Entissar
Egyptian Comic actress Entissar - YOUM7

CAIRO: A case against Egyptian actress Entissar for “inciting debauchery” was rejected by the Nasr City Misdemeanor Court Sunday to the lack of personal injury on the part of the plaintiff.

Private lawyer Hany Gad had filed the lawsuit, claiming the actress “called on the youth to watch porn.”

Rejecting demands to ban pornographic websites in Egypt, Entissar said in an October episode of Nafsana show on al-Kaher wal Nas channel that porn can teach unexperienced persons about sex to people before they get married.

Her opinion stirred controversy; the Youtube video of her statements reached more than 2.4 million views. Entissar’s lawyer claimed Gad is a “fame seeker.”

Article 269 of the Penal Code, on which basis Gad filed the lawsuit, landed two belly dancers in jail for six months in October. The article criminalizes “spreading immortality and debauchery” in society.

Another woman, Reda el-Fouly, was released in November after serving six months in prison over appearing in a May video on Youtube in a strappy dress suggestively belly-dancing.


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