Dissident Maspero anchor banned from Jan. 25 broadcast
Maspero anchor Azza al-Hennawy - Snapsot from Youtube video

CAIRO: Maspero anchor Azza al-Hennawy was banned from delivering an episode on Sunday ahead of the anniversary of the Jan. 25 Revolution, she told multiple newspapers.

Hennawy had prepared an episode on the “martyrs of the Jan. 25 Revolution,” to discuss jailed protesters and corruption, Tahrir News website reported. She told Tahrir News she was also banned on the inauguration of the New Suez Canal in August.

The presenter of Cairo Third, one of the channels of state-run Maspero, told ON TV that her ban is “illegal,” and that she was not informed of reasons for the decision. She claimed that security bodies control the state TV.

Hennawy resumed work at Maspero in December after a suspension of about a month for “stating her opinion in a news show,” according to a Dec. 1 statement by the Arabic Network for Human Rights Information.

Her suspension came after demanding accountability from President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi in an episode that later went viral on social media.

“Every person in the government, every minister and governor should be responsible for a specific file within a specific timeframe… starting with you, what are you responsible for? What is your plan? What is your vision? Declare it to the Egyptian people and therefore the government’s vision would be announced,” Hennawy said in the controversial episode.

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