Sadat metro closes Wednesday, Thursday for ‘security reasons’
Cairo metro - YOUM7

CAIRO: Sadat Metro station remained closed Wednesday, and will remain shuttered Thursday for “security measures,” the Cairo Metro Company announced Tuesday evening.

The station closure came upon a request from security bodies, the company added. The station has been closed since Monday, the fifth anniversary of January 25 Revolution that toppled former President Hosni Mubarak.

The underground station is located under Tahrir Square, where millions of Egyptians protested against Mubarak for 18 days until he stepped down Feb. 11, 2011.

On June 30, 2013 Egyptians took to the streets, particularly the square, and protested against then- President Mohamed Morsi who was eventually ousted by the military on July 3, 2013.

Over the central metro stop was closed in August 2013, after the dispersal of the pro-Morsi sit-ins in Cairo that left hundreds killed and injured, leaving all metro commuters in the city of 20 million to transfer at one station, instead of two, leading to overcrowding during rush hours. In July 2015, the station was re-opened per a decision by the Transport Police.

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