Egypt’s arable areas increase, total sown lands decline: CAPMAS
A piece of arable land (YOUM7/ Archive)

CAIRO: Egypt’s arable areas in Fiscal Year 2013/2014 increased to 15.7 million feddans (roughly equivalent to acres), compared with 15.5 million feddans in the previous year, with an increase of 1.3 percent, the Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics (CAPMAS) reported Thursday.

“The total cultivated area reached 8.92 million feddans in 2013/2014 versus 8.95 million feddans in 2012/2013, a decrease of 0.4 %,” the reported noted.

However, the reported noted that the area of cultivated lands in 2013/2014 declined by 0.4 percent after reaching 8.92 million feddans in comparison with 8.95 million feddans.

Head of the Central Administration for the Protection of Land Sayed told Youm7 Jan. 15 that encroachments on farmlands since 2011 rose to 1.4 million incidents on more than 64,156 feddans nationwide.

Encroachments on farmland include bulldozing, construction, and silos, that threaten the shrinking arable land in the country.

In light of increasing the cultivated areas in Egypt, the government has launched a project of reclaiming 1.5 million feddans nationwide in December 2015. Agriculture Ministry spokesperson Eid Hawash told The Cairo Post previously that 70 percent of the project land has been allocated for field crops while the remained 30 percent for fruits.

Wheat growing has nearly half percent of Egypt’s cultivated plants; according to the CAPMAS report, the total area of wheat reached 3.39 million feddans in 2013 / 2014 against 3.38 million feddans in 2012/2013, while the amount of wheat produced has reached 9.3 million tons in 2013 / 2014 against 9.5 million tons in 2012/2013, with a decrease of 1.9 percent.

Hawash also said that Egypt plants 3.2 million feddans of wheat annually, which represents 40 percent of the total arable lands, producing a total of 9 million tons of wheat.

As for the rice growing, the report said that the total area of rice reached 1.37 million feddans in 2013 / 2014 compared with 1.42 million feddans in 2012/2013.

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