Egypt signs protocol with UK to establish transport faculty
Cairo metro - YOUM7

CAIRO: Egypt’s Ministry of Transport signed a protocol with its U.K. counterpart to establish a faculty of transportation engineering, the first of its kind in the Middle East, according to a Friday statement by the ministry.

Although Egypt has an expandingnetwork of 70 kilometers of tunnels, it does not have a faculty specializing in the field, the statement said.

Egypt seeks to benefit from the British experience in urban transit and placing all means of transportation in Greater Cairo under one umbrella including the metro, trains, microbuses, buses to end “randomized transportation,” the statement added.

The Transport Ministry has a large network of buses, but they do not cover the entire capital; hence private microbuses serving millions of people. Cairo Governorate tries to regulate the microbuses by allotting stations for them.

Cairo Metro also serves millions of people every day at a ticket of one EGP ($0.13.)

The three lines of the metro cover approximately 56.8 kilometers; a planned fourth line will cover 24 kilometers.

However, Cairo metro has the highest ridership per kilometer as it is one of the smallest metro networks in the world compared to its population, according to the World Bank.

The capital also has one of the smallest numbers of buses compared to its population of 90 million.

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