4 arrested during clashes between police, brotherhood protesters in Qalubiya
Demonstrations of Muslim Brotherhood supporters - YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO: Four people, including a wounded student, were arrested Friday during clashes between police forces and alleged pro-Muslim Brotherhood protesters in Egypt’s Delta governorate of Qalubiya, Youm7 reported.

Security authorities in the governorate were notified that around 200 people gathered and repeated anti-army and police chants in Abou Za’bal village of Khanka city, north east of Cairo.

The security forces tried to disperse the gathering; both sides exchanged fire before clashes ended with the incarceration of three men (aged between 19 and 47) who were accused of partaking in the clashes and an arson attack, according to Youm7.

A 21 year old student at Al Azhar Institute, who was injured after a shot penetrated his right arm, was also arrested during the protest. He was briefly hospitalized and discharged to join the others in police custody.

The injured student was reportedly arrested in possession of a firearm, three shots and two flares.

The four are being investigated before the national homeland security apparatus, while a police hunt was launched to capture those who called for the gathering.

On Friday, three shop owners in the Delta governorate of Sharqia were injured by birdshot in clashes with alleged brotherhood supporters, according to Youm7.

On Jan.26, 30 people were ordered jailed for four days pending investigations over staging an illegal protest in Cairo’s district of Matariya. The detainees were accused of inciting violence against state institutions, blocking roads, rioting and belonging to the brotherhood, which is officially deemed as a “terrorist organization” in December 2014.

On the fifth anniversary of the 25 January Revolution, 60 alleged brotherhood members were arrested in Cairo over “stirring chaos,” according to Youm7. Four alleged militants were killed in raids on their homes at the 6 October CityBeni Suef and Giza’s town of Kerdasa.

Supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood usually protest every week after Friday prayers, meanwhile, their demonstrations have largely subsided in the past year.




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