Press release: Sisi attends closed session of AU Summit in Addis Ababa
President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi attends closing session of AU summit in Addis Ababa Saturday on Jan

CAIRO: On the issue of AU funding, the President stressed the importance of exploring ways to sustainably increase the resources available for the implementation of the ambitious programs and projects endorsed by the successive summits. This shall take into account the beginning of the implementation of “Agenda 2063″, as it is the strategic vision for the realization of a comprehensive development in the African continent. President El Sisi also confirmed the need to put into effect the previous summits’ resolutions to gradually enhance the member states’ contribution to funding the Union’s activities, in order to entirely cover the operating budget and increase the portion of the budget allocated for covering the program and peacekeeping budgets. This shall revitalize the principle of “African Ownership” and endorse the commitment of the African peoples to assume responsibility for their own future. This shall also ward off conditional or selective considerations associated with receiving foreign funding and their implication on the African continent’s right to determine its priorities and objectives.

President El Sisi underscored the importance of exploring ways of revitalizing the mechanisms for alternative sources of funding with the necessary flexibility, in order for each country to choose the appropriate mechanism that suits its domestic conditions, laws and systems. This shall take place with member states committing to paying their contribution on time so as to provide the Commission with the resources necessary to assume its responsibilities. The President also confirmed the importance of enhancing the African countries’ contributions to funding AU activities, highlighting the need to harmonize the partners’ policies and orientations with the continent’s priorities and needs.

President El Sisi stated that the slowdown in the global economic growth compels the African continent to place increased interest on rationalizing spending, ensuring compliance with accurate systems of accountability and monitoring, and developing efficient mechanisms to gauge the implementation of programs and projects and monitor their outcome so as to make better use of the AU’s limited resources. The President stressed that Egypt will continue working with other African countries through the AU to secure the  the resources necessary ​for the implementation of economic and social development programs and projects and accomplish Africa’s “Agenda 2063″, as a continent that lives in peace and security and assumes its role as an influential power internationally.

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