Customs on ‘luxury goods;’ lingerie, pet food, tuxedos increased
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CAIRO: Customs on “luxury goods,” such as imported cosmetics, nuts, pet food, several home appliances, and lingerie have been increased by 10-30 percent, according to a Sunday presidential decree.

Last year, customs on such products ranged between 10-30 percent.

Tuxedos, ties, fridges, hats, lighters, whips, some fruits that have Egyptian alternatives, harnesses, wigs, makeup, skiing equipment, bras and corsets, blankets, towels, are some of the products that have increased customs.

Watches, pens, TVs, coffee makers, water heaters and fridges also belong to the list.

The majority of the “luxury goods” now fall within a category of 40 percent in customs.

Last December, local news reports widely circulated figures by the Central Bank of Egypt that the country imports “luxury goods” worth millions of EGP amid dollar shortage.

In six months in 2015, Egypt imported lingerie at a cost of 103 million EGP ($13.1, million,) bras at 42 million EGP and women’s swimwear at seven million EGP, according to official reports published by Youm7.

The newspaper also reported figures on imported men’s swimwear, underwear and shaving blades; all now included in the list of raised custom tariffs.  In 2013, former President Mohamed Morsi increased the custom tariff on many foodstuff products, such as caviar, pineapple and avocado.

In February 2015, Sisi raised sales taxes on local and imported cigarettes by 50 percent. In July 2014, he had already raised taxes on all cigarettes and alcoholic beverages by up to 200 percent.

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