Opinion: A Second Israel: Kurdistan

By  Onur Sinan Güzaltan, member of the International Relations Bureau of the Turkish Patriotic Party

“We must openly call for the establishment of a Kurdish State that separates Iran from Turkey, one which will be friendly towards Israel. The Kurdish people are a partner for the Israeli people.” – Ayalet  Shaked, Israeli Minister of Justice

The words above were spelled by the Minister of Justice, Shaked, in her speech given in the National Security Studies Institute in Tel Aviv.

Earlier, Shaked had also expressed strong words about the Palestinian resistance. She had declared about the Palestinian mothers: “behind every Palestinian terrorist there are dozens of men and women supporting him. All of them are our enemies, and we should look to get their blood too. This is valid also for the mothers who send their children to hell with flowers in their hands. They should follow the road of their children. we have to destroy the houses were the snakes are brought up, so to avoid further snakes growing up.”

More than words of a fanatic

Are these words about a Kurdish State and about Palestinians just the expression of an extremist, fanatic politician or the reflection of a systematic state policy?

Facts show that, more than an individual politician speaking, these words reflect the final stage of a state policy started with the “Naqba Catastrophy” in 1948. With the occupation that started in May 1948, hundreds of thousands of Palestinians had been forced to leave their houses, their lands had been confiscated, and mothers and children had become targets for Israeli bullets. Today, the occupation is still going on.

Different facts point out that the support declared by Shaked for a Kurdish State is not a personal one but part of the US-Israeli politics for the Middle East / West Asia.

The plan to create a Kurdish state on the territories of Iraq, Syria, Iran and Turkey was first put in reality with the Gulf War 1991 on the territory of Iraq.

During the “Operation Desert Storm” led by the US against Iraq, the 36th parallel in the north of that country was declared a no-fly-zone for the Iraqi Air Force. The Kurdish tribes living in the region that were connected to Barzani and Talabani took the first steps towards founding a state. In this process, the “de facto” founded Kurdistan was turned into the North Iraq Kurdish Regional Autonomy (NIKRA) , following the US occupation of Iraq in 2003.

Israel receives 77% of Barzani oil

According to reports of the International Energy Agency, the NIKRA owns about 20% of oil reserves of Iraq.

The British newspaper Financial Times reported in August 2015 statistics showing that Israel buys 77% of its oil imports from Iraqi-Kurdistan.

Again, following reports of Amnesty International, in the region that is controlled by Barzani and is part of the Kurdistan map drawn by Shaked, ethnic cleansing against the Arab population takes place, which is replaced by Kurdish people.

The good relations between Barzani, who controls the region, and the Israeli government date far back. CIA documents and photography demonstrate the visits of Molla Barzani, Barzani’s father, to Israel and his meetings with the Israeli Minister of Defense, Moshe Dayan. Following immediately these meetings, in 1969, the Iraqi oil refineries in Kirkuk were bombed by the Israeli Air Force with the help of intelligence provided by the peshmerga.

A “useful and instrumental enemy”: ISIS

Coming back to our days:

It is an undeniable truth that a Kurdish state created in between of the Arabs, Turks and Farsis is trying to be legitimized with the fight against ISIS.

The U.S. and Israeli official declarations openly support the YPG, fighting against ISIS and founding “cantons” in the north of Syria.

While US Minister of Defense, Ashton Carter says “we supported the progress of the Kurdish Forces against ISIS”, the US State Department Spokesperson John Kirby says, “we don’t evaluate the YPG as a terrorist organization. We will keep on cooperating with them.” Regional press meanwhile often reports about retired Israeli soldiers fighting side by side with the YPG.

In the fight against the ISIS, describable as a “useful enemy”, the forces of YPG receive great international PR and progress in the foundation of regional  autonomy.

ISIS serves as a “useful enemy” here, because all action taken against this entity is welcomed without questioning it’s background or further effects.

ISIS serves as the moving force for the creation of Kurdish autonomy government in Syria. The US bombs the towns held by ISIS, and with their following withdrawal from here, militants of the YPG are installed and so called cantons founded.  And those who oppose the founding of cantons are blamed to support ISIS.

On the Turkish leg of the Kurdish State, meanwhile, the PKK that claims to fight in the name of the Kurdish people continues its terrorist activities in different regions of the country for 30 years.

The Turkish press has widely reported about the US-Israeli support for the PKK.

During his term as Foreign Minister, the Israeli Avigdor Libermann had declared in 2011 to the Israeli newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth “we might offer military help to the PKK.”

The famous journalist Seymour Hersh had repeatedly reported about military help given by Israel to Kurdish movements.

On the 10th of January 2016, the Turkish Armed Forces made a press declaration, stating the tactics of the PKK used in the city fighting reflect MOSSAD strategies. But relations of the PKK with these countries don’t stay behind the scenes.

While Turkey’s operations against the PKK that started the 24th were criticized by the US under the terms of “human rights”, during his visit in January, Vice President Joe Biden called for “immediate cease fire, the closing of PKK-trenches in the cities and working on a democratic solution”. He dared to call for that!

Mothers tearing eyes and the human rights

Concerning the US reactions, Turkey’s operations against the PKK are well comparable to Egypt’s fight against extremist organizations.

Whenever either the Turkish or Egyptian Armed Forces start an operation against terror, the West starting with the US detects “violations of human rights”.

The creation of a Kurdish state aims at turning the whole region into Palestine.

The cry of Palestinian, Arab, Kurdish, Farsi and Turkish mothers can not be stopped within the US-Israeli plans but with the common fight of the people of our region.

As mentioned in the beginning, the Israeli Minister of Justice calls the International community to support the creation of a Kurdish State. We on the other side call the Turkish, Farsi and Arab people to rise up against the Western promoted foundation of this Second Israel.

And we call our brother people, the Kurdish people to rise up against their leaders that would turn them into western instruments in our region and discuss our problems on a common ground.

The previous opinion article reflects the opinion of the author and does not reflect the editorial policy of The Cairo Post.

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