35 Egyptians released in Libya, four others still captives by militants
AFP/Mahmud Turkia

CAIRO: A total of 35 Egyptian nationals detained in Libya were released Wednesday, Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced Wednesday.

All those released, including eight women and two children, were accused of illegal migration charges in difference Libyan cities, including Misurata, Khoms, Castelverde, and Tripoli, stated Egyptian Minister Aide for Expatriates’ Affairs Hesham al-Naqib.

The Egyptias were transported to the Ras Ajdir outlet along the Libyan borders with Tunisia where they will be deported back home via air, al-Naqib added.

Al-Naqib warned against traveling to Libya as it is witnessing a state of chaos, and called on Egyptian expatriates to keep away from the dangerous places.

Thirty-five days ago, 10 Egyptian workers were kidnapped in Tripoli by Libyan militants who demanded ransom for their release. Only six people managed to pay the ransom after an intervention of Libyan and Egyptian mediators, while others’ fate is still unknown, Youm7 reported Wednesday.

“My brother traveled because he did not find a job opportunity here to take care of his mother, his widowed sister and her two young children,” said Mahmoud Mosa, brother of one of the four kidnapped. Meanwhile, another abducted man’s mother asked for President Sisi’s intervention to “save” her son. All released people are from Upper Egypt’s Asyut.

The conflict between Libyan Islamists and the armed forces escalated in August 2014, pushing Egypt to ban flights to Libya and evacuated Egyptian expatriates via Tunisian territories. Despite Foreign Ministry’s warnings against traveling to restive Libya, many Egyptians still seek employment there.

On Dec. 31, 2015, it was reported that the Egyptian military intelligence service freed a group of Egyptian citizens kidnapped in Libya by militants near Tobruk, where the internationally recognized government is headquartered.  Tobruk is port city on Libya’s eastern Mediterranean coast, near the border with Egypt.

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