Red Cross delivers food, medicine to besieged Syrian town
A humanitarian aid convoy consisting of the Red Cross and Syrian Arab Red Crescent wait to deliver aid at the entrance of the insurgent-held town of Mouadamiya, southwest of Damascus, Syria - REUTERS

GENEVA: Red Cross said on Thursday it had delivered food for more than 12,000 people to the besieged Syrian town of Mouadamiya near Damascus, enough for only three weeks and that regular access was needed.

Medical supplies for 10,000 people were also brought into the town of 50,000 on Wednesday on convoys of the the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and Syrian Arab RedCrescent, it said in a statement. The agency is seeking access to bring more aid to the besieged town of Madaya in Rural Damascus and the villages of Foua and Kafraya in Idlib.

“What we have seen on our way into town only shows how desperate the people are in Mouadamiya. They are hungry and they need us. Unconditional aid must be allowed to reach people in all the besieged and hard-to-reach areas in Syria,” said Marianne Gasser, head of the ICRC delegation in Syria.

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