Egyptians attacked by alleged Iranians in Kuwait’s Kubbar sea
Egyptian attacked by Iranians in a boat in Kuwait - Still image from video

CAIRO:  A video circulated on social media Wednesday showing a group of Egyptian nationals attacked by Iranians with knives in Kuwaiti territorial water.

The video shows two Egyptians injured after Iranians attacked them in Kubbar Island waters in Kuwait, cutting the thumb of a man who appeared in the video and injuring the hand of another. It also displayed a tied, injured man who Egyptians in the video said was an Iranian national.

A man with an Egyptian accent was apparently speaking to the Kuwaiti authorities in the phone to ask for help, saying “there are two cabin cruisers with eight people.”

In November, an Egyptian was killed and two others, including a Kuwaiti, were injured when a Kuwaiti citizen hit them with a car in the Kuwaiti city of Hawally after a quarrel between them in a mall, Kuwaiti al-Watan newspaper reported.

In October, an Egyptian national working as a pastry delivery man in Kuwait, called Mohamed Salah, appeared in a video with his right eye bruised and head bandaged, where he described how he had been assaulted while delivering an order to a home.

A week earlier, another video surfaced of Khaled el-Sayed, an Egyptian employee working at a restaurant in Jordan. The video captured the moment he was being assaulted by the brothers of a Jordanian parliamentarian over a delayed order.

Egyptians in Kuwait has reached more than 500,000 nationals in 2014, according to the Egyptian State Information Service statistics.

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