Video: policeman slaps woman over attempt to remove harasser off metro
A screenshot of the video published by ElWatan newspaper in which a policeman slaps a woman tried to remove a harasser off the ladies-only carriage in second line of Cairo Metro

CAIRO: A video went viral on social media showing a policeman slapping a girl after she tried prevented a metro train from moving until an alleged harasser gets out of a ladies-only carriage.

Walaa Saad, a telecommunication engineer, kept the door of the carriage open at Khalafawi metro station for more than a minute to force the “harasser” out after he tried to “annoy” another girl, she told Youm7.

When Saad shouted at the harasser, he replied “you are not her lawyer.” She decided to stop the metro by keeping the door open and calling for help from security guards, but she did not find any guard outside the carriage.

A few minutes later, she found nine security personnel heading to the carriage, slamming her for stopping the metro. They pushed her inside where a policeman slapped her on the face. Another official demanded her to pay 200 EGP for each of the five minutes she stopped the metro. The video was exclusively published by al-Watan newspaper.



Saad said on her facebook account Wednesday evening that she had paid 400 EGP ($25.53) fine after intervention of her friends.

In November, two women blocked a door of one of the metro’s train in Cairo with their bodies to prevent it from taking off before about four men leave the ladies-only carriage.

There are two women-only carriages in every train of Cairo’s subway; one for ladies only for 24 hours and the second for 16 hours. The remaining carriages are mixed.

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