EgyptAir cargo company successfully passes EU ACC3 security test
Airport staff stand next to an EgyptAir plane on the runway at Cairo Airport, September 5, 2013. Reuters/Mohamed Abd El Ghany.

CAIRO: EgyptAir Cargo company has successfully passed the European Union test on security requirements for incoming air cargo EU ACC3, Youm7 reported Friday.

The test was carried out during the past three days by an EU delegation of three experts from Germany, Holland and Belgium; EgyptAir Holding Company Chairman Sherif Fathy was quoted by Youm7.

“The delegation praised the security measures adopted by the EgyptAir cargo company and has not made any remarks on the security measures applied by EgyptAir’s cargo officials or the security apparatus used,” said Fathy.

ACC3 stands for “Air Cargo or Mail Carrier operating into the Union from a Third Country Airport”, a designation required in order for these carriers to fly cargo into or through the European Union, according to the International Air Transport Association (IATA.)

Since July 2014, carrier stations in third countries are required to have undergone an audit to obtain an EU Aviation Security Validation in order to acquire or maintain their ACC3 designation. This validation needs to be reissued every five years according to the EU Regulation.

On Jan., 14, the security sector at EgyptAir has successfully passed the U.S.-based Transportation Security Administration (TSA) testing program, said Fathy.

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