4 policemen interrogated over assaulting doctors at Matariya hospital
Mataryia Hospital

CAIRO: Investigations into an incident in which four policemen in plainclothes assaulted doctors in Giza’s Mataria hospital were launched Saturday, following outrage sparked among members of Doctors’ Syndicate, according to a statement of Egypt’s Attorney-General office.

On Jan. 28, the policemen went the hospital to issue a fake medical report. However, emergency doctor Mo’men Abdel-Azeem and another physician rejected so the policemen insulted and assaulted them and security guard at the hospital, according to East Cairo Prosecution statement.

After being assaulted, the doctors were escorted by the policemen to Mataria police station, the prosecution statement added.

Since then, doctors and nurses in the Matria Educational hospital went on a strike, calling for restating the attacked doctors’ rights and holding the attackers accountable; they threatened they will submit a mass resignation over such violations.

Doctors’ Syndicate meeting

Doctors’ Syndicate meeting


The Doctors’ Syndicate held an emergency meetings and a press conference Saturday in which they threatened to escalate the issue in case that the doctors’ right was not repatriated.  The syndicate announced the doctors’ strike excludes emergency cases, following Attorney-General Nabil Sadek’s decision Saturday per which the hospital should be reopened and the incident will be investigated.

The syndicate deputy head Mona Mina said that the work in the hospital partially resumed providing the citizens the required medical service.

Pediatrician Ahmed Gamal and emergency physician Yahia Zakaria in the hospital told Youm7 that six, out of 12 emergency physicians, have resigned due to repeated attacks against them. They added that the hospital receives 800,000 patients daily.

Ministry of Interior Spokesperson Abu-Bakr Abdel-Karim said that the accused policemen were suspended from work pending the investigation, saying “administrative measures of the ministry have been taken as a decision of work suspension was taken against the policemen accused of assaulting a physician…individual irregularities committed by some police personnel does not represent the ministry and it strategy.”

Egypt’s Syndicate of Lawyers stated their solidarity with the Doctor’s syndicate against the policemen assault; a legal committee will be formed to follow up the incident, the syndicate said in a statement Saturday. A total of 14 political parties and movements announced Saturday their support to the physicians.

Over the last few months, some police personnel received imprisonment sentences over attacking and torturing detainees to death.

On Dec.11, the Damanhour criminal court sentenced a police officer to five years in jail for the fatal torture of inmate in Rashid police station in May. Meanwhile, five low-ranking officers were jailed pending investigation on charges of torturing another inmate to death at the Luxor police station.

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