Employers must allow men leaves to accompany working wives: court
Egypt's Supreme judiciary court

CAIRO: Employers at state-owned bodies must allow men a leave to accompany their wives abroad, according to a decree by Alexandria Court of Administrative Judiciary.

The leave has to be at least six months, and the employee may not stay abroad longer than his spouse.

Women at the public sector are normally given unpaid leaves for as long as their husbands work abroad, even if the leave amounts to years. They return to Egypt to occupy the jobs they had left, per the law.

Staff at the private sector, which comprises the majority of Egyptian workers, does not enjoy the majority of the rights granted to employees of the public sector, such as the said leaves.

A male employee at the Ministry of Justice filed the lawsuit against the minister’s decision to deny him a leave to travel with his wife, who works abroad.

The court revoked the minister’s decision on grounds of “family reunion of stability.”

“The administrative body does not have the discretion to reject the leave in this case and must approve the leave request; otherwise its decision becomes defective and contrary to the law.”

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