4.5K academic professors petition for impartial probe into Regeni’s death
Giulio Regeni - Twitter

CAIRO: More than 4,500 academic professors and teachers, particularly from the U.K. and Italy, signed a petition to President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi, calling for an impartial probe into the torture and murder of Cambridge PhD student Guilio Regeni.

“We therefore call on the Egyptian authorities to cooperate with an independent and impartial investigation into all instances of forced disappearances, cases of torture and deaths in detention during January and February 2016, alongside any ongoing investigations by criminal prosecutors into Giulio’s death, in order that those responsible for these crimes can be identified and brought to justice,” the petition read.

The professors and teachers offered their condolences and thoughts over Guilio Regeni’s killing, adding in the petition that per “Amnesty International, bodies reporting to the Egyptian Ministry of the Interior and the Egyptian Ministry of Defense routinely practice the same kinds of torture that Giulio is reported to have suffered against hundreds of Egyptian citizens each year.”

On Feb. 3, Regeni’s body was found with signs of torture, dumped next to the Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road in the 6 October City southwest of Cairo after going missing on the 5th anniversary of the January 25 Revolution, when Egyptian security forces were on alert nationwide in anticipation of possible protests.

Egyptian Prosecution investigations indicated that there was a “suspected foul play” behind the death of Giulio Regen, 28. While Italian autopsy showed he suffered “like-animal” torture. Egyptian Minister of Interior totally rejected media reports claiming that Egyptian policemen were involved in the death of Regeni.

Egypt and Italy have launched investigations into Regeni’s murder, who reportedly disappeared when he was heading from the Behoos metro station in Giza to the Bab el-Louk district in downtown. Regeni was a Cambridge PhD student at Girton College in the department of Political and International Department, Cambridge news reported. He was a visiting scholar at the American University in Cairo.

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