Press Release: EU provides support to fostering enterprise development and trade in Egypt
Minister of Trade and Industry Tarek Kabil - Youm7

CAIRO: H.E. Mr. Tarek Kabil, Minister of Trade and Industry, and Ambassador James Moran, Head of the European Union Delegation to Egypt, inaugurated the Trade and Domestic Market Enhancement Programme in presence of senior officials of the Egyptian Government, business leaders and civil society organisations.

This EU funded programme supports the Ministry of Trade and Industry and its affiliates in their efforts to facilitate competitiveness and job creation in the Egyptian economy in line with the targets set in the Sustainable Development Strategy 2030. The programme works in close coordination with the private sector to ensure that the maximum benefits offered by the Egypt/EU partnership can be harvested by the private sector in a manner that generates inclusive growth and jobs in the Egyptian economy.

“This programme provides a re-enforcement to the already strong trade and economic relationship between Egypt and the EU. As the largest trading partner to Egypt and the leading foreign investor in the country, the EU is committed to support further economic development in Egypt. This new programme is very timely, coinciding with the economic reform programme announced within the Sustainable Development Strategy of Egypt. The EU is proud to be part of translating this nation-wide strategy into actions in the trade and industry sectors. Through our support we will support the building of a prosperous Egypt for benefit of all Egyptians”, Ambassador Moran said during the kick-off event.

Engineer Tareq Kabil, Minister of Trade and Industry, said that launching this programme embodies Egypt-EU strategic partnership relations. With the EU being Egypt’s biggest economic partner, there is a big opportunity to boost and develop such collaboration – whether under the bilateral Association Agreement or through the Union for the Mediterranean (UfM). He further referred to the EU implemented technical support programmes as means to spread the best work methods and to exchange expertise. The Minister emphasised that the TDMEP supports the Ministry’s efforts in uplifting the industry and trade sectors in a way that contributes to enhancing the competitiveness capacity of the Egyptian industrial sectors and in promoting their quality levels to compete domestically and abroad, while providing youths more job opportunities.

In line with the Sustainable Development Strategy 2030 and the Ministry work plan, the Programme targets the following goals:

1- Boosting Egypt’s role in international trade through benefiting from transparent policies and international trade agreements.

2- Boosting industrial development through improving quality infrastructure necessary for liberalising trade, especially towards the EU.

3- Minimising the economic differences and creating more job opportunities through focusing on developing SMEs.

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