Sisi delivers legislative power to newly-elected parliament
Sisi delivers legislative power to newly-elected parliament

CAIRO: President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi announced Saturday the delivery of legislative power to the newly-elected House of Representatives, after he decreed more than 250 laws in his almost two-year tenure.

“I declare in front of you, the people’s representatives, to transfer the legislative power to the freely elected parliament after the head of executive authority (the President) kept it as an exceptional procedure imposed by the political situation,” Sisi said in his first address to the parliament since he assumed power in June 2014.

Sisi started his speech with calling on the 596 parliamentarians, invited dignitaries and ministers for a moment of silence for the victims (civilians and police and security personnel) killed since the January 25 Revolution. He then hailed the notable representation of youth, women, and people with special needs at the new parliament.

“We together have faced a surge of brutal terrorism against the Egyptian state…In forefront of this confrontation, our brave police and military personnel sacrificed their lives for preserving the country,” Sisi added.

He reviewed development projects that have been established in his term, saying that his government aims to increase the growth rates “in record time,” which requires more foreign investments.

“So, it was a must to immediately start the construction of the infrastructure needed for attracting more investments such as (building) roads, maritime ports, airports, and electricity power plants amid carrying out legislative amendments to create appropriate atmosphere to encourage the investments,” Sisi continued.

Talking on developing electricity power networks nationwide, the President also announced that the building of Egypt’s first nuclear power plant (NPP) will start in the coming few weeks. Egypt has signed a deal with Russian state-owned nuclear company Rosatom to build eight nuclear factors as a first phase in the project located in Mediterranean city of Dabaa.

Sisi also reviewed other mega projects including the inauguration of the new Suez Canal that aimed to facilitate the international trade movement, and of the recently launched project of reclaiming 1.5 million feddans in desert areas nationwide.

Commenting on the government’s efforts to enhance the youth’s role in the society, Sisi praised appointing youth as ministers’ aides. He also stressed that his government’s priorities boil down to education, health, information issues in addition to those related to low and medium income people.

As for Egypt’s foreign policy during his tenure, Sisi said that Egypt saw strained relations with certain countries during the period before assuming the power; in reference to the imprisoned former President Mohamed Morsi’s one-year tenure.  “Egypt’s relations with Iran have been recovered while ties with Turkey have been enhanced,” said Sisi.

“Within a year and a half, Egypt has succeeded- thanks to its diplomacy, relentless political efforts and intensive communications- to show re-openness towards the whole world, east and west, as we acted to build international relations based on mutual understanding, openness and respect and we were able to restore our regional and international role,” said the president.

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