Egyptian comedian accused of ‘inciting debauchery’
Egyptian comedian and actor Mohamed Saad

CAIRO: A legal lawsuit has been filed by lawyer Samir Sabry against renowned Egyptian comedian and actor Mohamed Saad over accusations of “inciting debauchery,” Youm7 reported Sunday.

Sabry’s complaint stated that comedian Mohamed Saad’s talk show Wish al-Saad (means Face of Happiness), whose first episode was aired on MBC Misr Saturday, included sexual harassment insinuations.

“The episode showed that the actor Saad carried his guest, the actress Haifaa Wahbi, in inappropriate way and he started to kiss her,” the complaint said.

The program producer Sadek al-Saleh told media that he met with Saad and agreed on that the program episodes should not include any words or indication of “debauchery.” Saad has received a barrage of criticism on the social media over his first episode.

On Jan. 24, Egyptian actress Entissar was acquitted of “inciting debauchery” after she said that pornographic films should not be banned.

Article 269 of Egypt’s Criminal Law criminalizes “spreading immortality and debauchery;” per such law, two belly dancers were sentenced to three months in jail in October 2015. Another woman, called Reda el-Fouly served six months in jail over the same charges in another case.


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