Arab Contractors completes 8 of 15 wheat silos
Head of the Arab Contractors Company Mohsen Salah - YOUM7/Ahmed Ismail

CAIRO: Eight out of 15 silos in different governorates have been completed by the Arab Contractors, head of the company Mohsen Salah told Youm7 Saturday.

Five more silos will have been built in two months, Salah said, adding that a silo costs between 100 to 150 million EGP ($127.7,- $191.6,.)

The Egyptian company was tasked with the project in August 2014 at a value of 2.2 billion EGP; nine silos were planned to be built by 1.2 billion EGP contributed by the United Arab Emirates grant over 14 months with a 60,000-ton capacity each and six silos were set to be built within 18 months at 650,000 EGP paid by the Egyptians government.

In October 2013, the UAE allotted a $4.9 billion grant to establish 25 wheat silos in Egypt with a collective capacity of 1.5 million tons to help prevent the loss of billions of dollars worth of wheat each years.

Egypt embarked on a program to sharply decrease wheat loss, grow more wheat in reclaimed desert land, as it imports tons of wheat each year to cover the needs of bread, a subsidized, staple good.

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