5 students torch exam papers to avoid failing
Students go to school on the first day of 2th semester

CAIRO: Five high school students were ordered detained to be investigated over burning their exam answer sheets reportedly in a last-ditch effort to avoid failing grades, Youm7 reported Sunday.

Preliminary investigations indicated that the students entered their school with gas in the early morning, where some waited to monitor the door and the others went to set fire in the room that contains the exams’ answering papers.

The students, who failed to do well in their tests, thought that by burning the papers the school might give all students full scores in the exams, but failed to consider that they would be re-examined.

A fire truck came later and controlled the fire after it burnt all the room’s components.

The students will remain in detention pending investigations for four days per a Cairo prosecution decision.

The investigations did not mention the name of the school or its location.

Additional reporting by Kareem Sobhy.

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