Man claiming 30% of Egyptian wives have affairs to be arrested
Taimou el-Sobky - Facebook

CAIRO: A man who claimed that “30 percent” of Egyptian women would have an affair if they had an opportunity, and that “the majority wives” of those abroad are cheaters has been charged with insulting women, Youm7 reported Tuesday.

Attorney-General Nabil Sadeq ordered the arrest of Taimour el-Sobky, who runs the “Diary of a Persecuted Husband” comic Facebook page, that has 1.2 million likes.

Hundreds of private citizens have reportedly filed requests of lawsuits against Sobky.

A video of Sobky on CBC channel circulated on social media in the past few days, in which he alleged that “30 percent” of Egyptian wives would have an affair if found the opportunity, and that “the majority of wives” whose husbands work abroad cheat on them.

Failing to clarify how he got the percentage, Sobky said his views are based on messages he receives on his Facebook page and phone calls from anonymous people.

He claimed that many of such women live in Upper Egypt, a traditionally conservative area, and called the said affairs a “phenomenon” that makes him distrust women.

The show “Momken,” hosted by anchor Khairy Ramadan has been suspended for 15 days. Some members of parliament condemned the episode, which Ramadan said was aired two months ago.

Sobky has apologized about his comments, and complained that he has received death threats on social media.

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